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nurce-ihl-news-674x431Pioneering solutions are a part of Intelligent Systems’ agenda and we are a part of revolutionizing projects within health care.

This page provides an overview and more recent news about our health projects can be found here.


Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL)

webnyhed-ihl-kick-off_528x291Intelligent hospital logistics (IHL) is a revolutionary intelligent storage and logistics system for new and existing hospitals – a system where clothing, food, medicine, instruments, equipment and much more comes out of the walls exactly where and when caregivers need it. The concept has been on the drawing board at Intelligent Systems A/S and a number of partners since 2010 and is said to be one of the most promising and pioneering projects in hospital logistics for many years with a budget of over 24 million DKK. The short development time line and close dialogue with the hospitals in Denmark will ensure that the other upcoming hospitals get the opportunity to incorporate the concept into their construction plans. But the solution can also be established in existing buildings through remodelling, expansion or through the installation of exterior supply corridors and shafts.

Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL) is recommended in one of the 10 benchmarks set by Danish Regions for the future hospital buildings and it has support from the Market Development Fund to complete the development, and to test, adapt and demonstrate the system from May 2013 to April 2015.

A total of 18 Danish companies and including five Danish hospitals are participating in the project. IHL combines existing technologies to create a new integrated transport and storage system; a fully automated Komplet_systeminfrastructure built into the hospital’s walls and ceilings. The system makes product supply and access to stored instruments and equipment as easy as sending or receiving through a pneumatic tube or to tap water from the facet. As one nurse puts it: “In the future, the goods come out of the wall when you need them!”

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The Intelligent Transport Box

Intelligent Systems are projectlead on an innovative project that creates an intelligent transport box which improves the quality of test results and diagnoses when blood or other samples sent for analysis at the hospitals from GPs. The project received an appropriation of 4 million DKK in November 2012 from the Danish Innovation Fund and is one of several projects that focus on creating more intelligent logistics for future hospitals. The project is expected to create 25-30 jobs in Denmark over the next year and the possibility of additional jobs in subsequent years.

The project aims to improve the quality of patient diagnoses, increase the quality and safety intelligent-systems-lt-automation-principskitse-difwhen transporting blood samples and optimize resource consumption for hospital staff by installing fully automatic extraction, identification and sorting of samples.

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DEFU-STEPP: Vision for the fully automated sterile processing departments of the future

defu-stepp-sterilsager-350x200The Danish project DEFU-STEPP (The Fully Automated Sterile Processing Department and Procedural Packing) aimed to identify new concepts for automation of sterile processing departments and to initiate the development of new methods and design elements for automation of sterile processing and procedural packing. The conclusion gave a number of recommendations for the successful automation of sterile processing departments.

Intelligent Systems has worked in the area of production planning and traceability in cooperation with the University of Southern Denmark, the Danish Technological Institute and the Hospital of Southern Jutland. The working group focused on traceability technologies and automation. Traceability technologies (such as bar codes, RFID, IT-based traceability systems and inventory control) and automation solutions (like storage and transport, robotics, and integration of IT) have been analysed and evaluated in order to identify the best solutions.

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