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We’re thrilled to introduce our new Chief Sales Officer, Anders Davidsen Oll

Anders comes with a wide range of experience in sales, having spent the last 3 years as CSO at Anycloud AS. But what sets Anders apart is his unique blend of psychology and sales expertise. We believe the synergy between these two disciplines will drive our team to new heights.

In his own words, “My greatest duty is to provide guidance, assistance, and innovative solutions that inspire and elevate us, ensuring our collective success.

Anders’s credentials are impressive, with a background as the former owner and lead instructor at Enneagram Psychotherapeutic institute. Over the years, he’s honed his skills in educating and training leaders, managers, and sales professionals at various Danish and international companies, including 14-year stint at BILA – Danish Industrial Robots, 4 years at Rockwool Scandinavia, and 6 years at Arrow ECS.

In Anders’s words, “I see something truly unique in the leadership and team at Intelligent Systems, both in terms of human qualities and expertise. There’s integrity in everything we do, from our people to the quality of our offerings. It’s not just sales talk; our products and skills genuinely set us apart in the industry.”

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