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To begin using mobile robots in production should be as easy for companies as buying a consumer product and hitting ‘play’. That is the purpose of a new research project led by Aalborg University with start-up in May 2022. The project will combine the possibilities of 5G technology with the experience in autonomous and intelligent robots as well as intelligent automation.

Intelligent Systems is excited to deliver the glue that will tie the solutions together in the 5G-robot project. It is an important collaboration with robot and technology suppliers, as Universal robots, MIR and Technicon. The collaboration with Novo Nordisk, Lego, Danfos, Grundfoss and Odense Municipality are just as important for developing the future intelligent control and integration for automated robotics systems.

The 5G-Robot project is cofunded by Innovation Fund Denmark with 30 million Danish kroner, and includes leading Danish academic and industrial partners covering the full ecosystem and required technical skills: Danfoss, GRUNDFOS Holding, Intelligent Systems A/S, the LEGO GroupMobile Industrial Robots A/S, Nokia, Novo Nordisk, Odense Kommune, Technicon A/S, Telenor, Universal Robots A/S.

Read more about the 5G-Robot project here:

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