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Our ambition is to democratize automation and robot technology

Our ambition is to democratize automation and robot technology

We bridge the gap between Digitalisation, Automation and Robotics in Intralogistics

Our ambition is to democratize automation and robot technology. We want to enable companies to take control of these technologies themselves.

Our intelligent software integrates technologies such as robotics, automation, intralogistics, and software. We are here to help you transform and evolve your company to be highly competitive, creating new business opportunities and leading you out of technical debt.

We enable you to create Smart Factories and Smart Warehouses by making integrated
technologies available for everyone. Our unique core expertise and understanding help you
achieve your goals by utilizing intelligent software and digitalization.

Where the world is headed

Technology is evolving with increasing speed, especially in the fields of AI, robotics, automation,
and digitalization. These are some of the factors that production and logistics companies face:

Increase productivity

All businesses within the fields of logistics, manufacturing, and production are pressed to act now – digitalize operations or fall behind in the competitive race.

As well as being faced with an accelerating demand for technological innovation, businesses are also faced with international competition – the market is truly global in almost all business areas and will continue to be so.

Global competition

Increasing expectations

End customers requirements and expectations for price, quality, sustainability, and service increase day by day. This is true in most sectors but is most strongly felt in areas such as airport logistics, webshop logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing.

Human labor is becoming a scarce resource as people move away from menial jobs – automation is the answer.

Labor shortage

Expensive digitalization

Utilizing technology such as digitalization, robotics and automation is complex. It requires competencies that most companies do not have and it is expensive to a degree beyond their capabilities.

This is what we do at Intelligent Systems

The game changer is to combine digitalization, robotics, and automation in an intelligent, intuitive, and easily implemented way. This is the way to creating truly efficient Smart Factories and Smart Warehouses.

Intelligent Systems is
trusted internationally
by customers and partners

Our customers and partners are the core of our business, enabling us to deliver our unique value and keep on improving our products and services.

A wide range of networks

Intelligent Systems participates actively in several networks with the aim
to strengthen and build relationships, knowledge, skills and know-how.

Meet Intelligent Systems

Meet us at events, workshops and much more.

Connect and match

Connect and match

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