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Our very own experts Andreas and Niki at Intelligent Systems have contributed to a chapter detailing the use of Cloud Computing and how it is essential in Smart Production environments to the book “The Future of Smart Production for SMEs”.


“Simply put, Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet to offer faster innovation, economies of scale and flexible resources as your business needs change. Because of increasing requirements from customers and global competition, Smart Production can help you lower your operating costs and run your infrastructure more efficiently when scaling your business.” – Niki Nicolas Grigoriou.

Our expertise within control and integration of warehouse logistics gives an unique insight into the opportunities of cloud technology and challenges with a mission critical system that handles communication failure and high requirements regarding security.

The concept of the book is focused on research and how to tackle challenges of SMEs in the manufacturing sector.

The book is written with other researchers and experts and applies methods and obtains solutions in different businesses and various sizes of SMEs, encompassing a broad survey of our markets and societies. The perspective is systemic/holistic and integrated including human, organizational, technological, and digital perspectives.

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