Data, AI & Information Systems Officer

Data, AI & Information Systems Officer

Intelligent Systems A/S is seeking a Data, AI & Information Systems Officer This is a new position that will be placed directly under the CEO and work closely with the company directors, CTO and management team as well as the IT-team.

The Data, AI & Information Systems Officer will be responsible for development and operation of business information systems, data-analytics, AI and BI system stack and processes for data registration, collections and reporting that will ensure efficient and effective data transparency to allow our business to be data driven to an even higher degree.

We are looking for an ambitious person, who is skilled for both hands-on system development work with creating and designing our information and AI/BI systems, who is skilled in data-analytics, math and statistics, and has the ability to participate in dialogues and discussion around our data and information strategy.

The purpose is to help Intelligent Systems into becoming more data driven. We need insight in close to real time that will enable us to empower our employees to take the right decisions, fast.

You will be responsible for designing the process and the systems that will support our business in reaching that goal.

It is the company’s aim to be data-driven in both its projects and consulting business and its emerging SaaS product business. To allow efficient decision making on a daily basis, we need to modernize our information systems and data practices that are currently not geared for the future.

The job will include:

  • Define and design architecture of our future data and information systems structure including information systems, AI/BI and reporting technologies to use in the future.
  • Help in specifying requirements for and selecting information systems and AI/BI and reporting technologies to use in the future.
  • Steward upgrade of ERP/financial system and other information systems.
  • Build and develop data registration, collection, reporting and AI/BI systems and processes that ensure transparency, timely insight and forecasting for our complete business – that are both efficient, user-friendly and secure.
  • Support and train users (internal users only)
  • Ensure reliable operation and monitoring of information and data systems in cooperation with our IT-team, product and development teams.
  • Engage in new data centric technologies like AI/ML, big data and BI to enhance our use of data for the future.
  • Steward our data, AI and information systems journey into the future.

The job and responsibilities can develop over time depending on the candidates abilities.

The following skills and knowhow is seen as plus (in prioritized order):

  • Good data and information systems analysis and design skills, and ability to understand processes and suggest improvements or alternatives
  • Good skills in math, statistics and data analysis
  • Programming, system integration and AI/ML/big data analytics skills
  • Good knowledge of AI and BI systems and technologies, e.g. Microsoft Power Bi, Qlik or Tableau
  • Good database development and maintenance skills
  • Understanding of business strategy and business processes, like budgeting, forecasting best practices, sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Engine
  • Knowledge of office platform automation and integration for Google Workspace (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.) and Microsoft Office/Office 365
  • Knowledge of ERP/financial accounting systems, e.g. Microsoft Business Central
  • Knowledge of GDPR

About Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems are experts in software development for automated logistics solutions, e.g. for baggage handling in airports, fully automated warehouse and distribution centers, and automated logistics for hospitals. We have created the software that integrates and controls some of the worlds largest robotic systems. We are placed in Hadsund and count more than 30 employees.


Rapidly establish us as the leading supplier of online intelligent high-level controls, integration and traceability services for robotics and automated logistics systems – and thereby fulfilling the unfulfilled promise of Industry-4.0 and IIoT; enabling easy and cost-effective, flexible, intelligent, integrated, automated production.

Act now!

If you are ready for a new challenge, then do not hesitate to contact us. Any questions regarding the position can be directed at or +457020 2275. Send us a resume and tell us why you are the perfect match.

Intelligent Systems AS

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