Intelligent Systems er eksperter indenfor softwareudvikling til automatiserede logistikløsninger, f.eks. til bagagesortering i lufthavne, fuldautomatiske lager- og distributionscentre og automatiseret logistik til hospitaler. 

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1: Incremenation

In a tray sorter products with varying quantity is sorted into a chute. These quantities are i and j. Some very wierd business logic dictates that the actual quantity, k, is calculated using the statement below.

int i = 11;

int j = 3;

int k = ++i+j++;

What is i, j and k after executing the last statement?

2: Arrays

The last chute of an array of chutes is used for rejection when errors happen – either due to weight limitations, noreads, production date, etc. In this facility we have 10 chutes, but the last chute is a reject chute. Construct a statement that fetches the reject chute.

int[ ] chutes = new int[10];

Tilt sorter

3: Graphs

A production plant produces a product originating at vertice 1 and must be conveyed to a shipping lane at vertice 8. What is the cost of transporting this parcel, when using Dijkstra’s algorithm (shortest path).

Deadline er fredag d. 6. november 2020 kl. 12.00. 



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