Meat processing & Food Production

Food production

With intelligent automated logistics solutions, we produce value for our customers in terms of high traceability, limited manual handling and robotic solutions, eliminating unilaterally repeated work and facilitating the processing of orders.

Intelligent Systems delivers high-level control systems for supply chains and food productions. In food productions there are strict government regulations and demands for traceability on single products and batches, as well as documentation of all processes. Food has limited shelf life, and therefore it is necessary to have strict procedures to ensure the best products for customers and reduce losses due to waste in the supply chain procedures.

In food production, the margins are small and therefore it is important to control the strict processes and ensure a streamlined supply chain that meets customer needs. Intelligent WMS / WCS provides Norwegian consumers with the highest quality products from the country’s leading meat producers.

Our solutions provide high efficiency of transport and warehousing facilities, allowing our customers to increase overall efficiency and adjust all aspects of logistics operations and thus achieve objectives. Our software is designed to provide the customers with the exact functionality they need to control their operation at the highest possible productivity.

In our projects we manage boxes, pallet transport, palletization, buffering, warehouses and ramps coordinated with production order and customer orders.

Intelligent Systems AS

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