The Intelligent Sterile Processing Department

The Intelligent Sterile Processing Department

The Intelligent Sterile Processing Department

One of the important support functions of the hospital is the sterile recycling of operating equipment. There are, of course, very high quality standards for the work of the sterilization center and it is heavy and repetitive work that requires a lot of resources and is very costly.

Intelligent Systems has developed a solution for automation of the inspection, pack and logistics processes at the sterilization center, including packing of casecarts for operations and distribution to the operations department. Upon full implementation of the intelligent sterile center, the cost of sterile recycling is reduced to less than a third of the current costs.

The solution concept includes a number of components and modules that can be merged into an intelligent and automated logistics solution that provides efficiency, capacity, quality, security, better working environment and economy.

The solution components include manual, semi-automatic / partially automated and fully automated workstations for inspection, packing and packaging of instruments as well as intelligent flow management that support manual transport, AGVs, conveyors, and automatic storage and buffer units.

The concept is patented.

The project has been carried out for the Danish Regions Hospital Partnerships and the Danish Enterprise Agency.
Intelligent systems also offer intelligent sterilizers and automatic packing of sterilized casecarts.

Intelligent Systems AS

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