Intelligent Sample Sortation & Monitoring

Intelligent Sample Sortation & Monitoring

Intelligent Sample Sortation & Monitoring

Intelligent Sample Sortation & Monitoring

Intelligent Sample Sortation & Monitoring

Intelligent Sample Sortation & Monitoring

Intelligent Sample Monitoring & Sortation Solution

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The intelligent sample monitoring & sortation solution offers continuous traceability and monitoring of sample conditions of the individual test sample combined with an automatic sorting of samples. The all in one cohesive modular solution addresses the need and challenges of a laboratory all the way through the value chain – from the sample is taken at the general practitioner until the sample is ready for analysis at the biochemical laboratory.

The solution is unique and the only solution available on the market that contains traceability and temperature monitoring, thus increasing patient safety and ensuring compliance with ISO 15189. There are no other solutions available on the market that combine traceability and automation in the same solution.

The solution provides better sample quality, reduced manual labour and faster test results and notification if an error in sample occurs.

  1. Intelligent management and integration of solution, so it uses collected traceability data and makes them useful in further processing.
  2. Traceability of boxes throughout the flow from practice to hospital laboratory.
  3. Intelligent monitoring of temperature in transport boxes.


The Intelligent Sample Monitoring & Sortation Solution is a fully automated solution that monitors, handles and sorts blood samples and other biochemical samples . It covers the process from general practitioner orders tests and takes samples of the patient, over uniquely identify, track and monitor the samples during transport and storage, to the automated unpack and sortation of samples at the clinical biochemical laboratories.

Intelligent Sample Monitoring & Sortation Solution consists of the following components:

  1. Intelligent Transport Box: The box – with its 3 layer design – is built to carry possible contagious materials. It has a build-in active electronic RFID-based temperature logger that continuously monitors the temperature of the samples placed in the box until they are unpacked either by hand or by a robot at the hospital laboratory. The Intelligent Transport Box is uniquely identifiable via RFID and barcodes. The system is monitoring each blood-sample on its journey from the time the blood sample is taken and placed in the box until it is delivered, sorted and ready for analyse at a clinical laboratory. Data from the RFID-based temperature logger is sent to the Intelligent Monitoring System wirelessly when the box is within range processed automatically. The transport box has a special design to support automatic handling at the laboratory.
  2. Intelligent Monitoring System: The Intelligent Monitoring System ensures traceability, tracking and monitoring of the blood sample from the time it is taken until it is ready to be analyzed at the laboratory. The Intelligent Monitoring System receives, collects and processes data from the Intelligent Transport Box’s RFID-based temperature loggers, from hand-held and automatic RFID and barcode scanners and from the robotics in the Intelligent Robot Cell that register box location, sample contents and ID and process flow steps.
    Through notifications and dashboards – relevant stakeholders are always updated on status and flow – enabling swift action when needed.
    In addition to monitoring, storing and processing data, the Intelligent Monitoring System controls one or more robot cells and thus implements the intelligence that  controls automated reception, unpacking, sortation and registration of samples on arrival at the clinical laboratory.
    The Intelligent Monitoring System seamless integrates with other key systems in the value-chain. This ensures valuable data can be exchanged between systems to support and maintain a holistic view on the patient throughout the process. The Intelligent Monitoring System can be integrated with sample analysis ordering and requisition systems, laboratory information management systems (LIMS), authorization and authentication systems, etc.
  3. Intelligent Robot Cell:
    Modular robot cells that contains one or more robots that automate reception, unpack and sample control, sortation and registration of samples at the laboratory.
    This module ensure the analytic equipment of the biochemical lab is utilized to it’s highest capacity and that test results can be created and returned to the general practitioners within hours, so the patient’s get the optimal treatment.

Value propositions

  • Greater efficiency and increased capacity in laboratories through automation of manual workflows. Reducing the cost of operations with an incentive return on investment (ROI). This means more health for the money.
  • Higher quality of analysis as well as fewer errors through traceability and monitoring. Ensures faster diagnosis and test response to the patient.
  • Better working environment through automation of unilaterally repeated work.
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