Over the past couple of years we’ve been investigating an alternative communication infrastructure and platform, which would be sufficiently flexible, robust and scalable to meet our own needs and not least meet our customers’ needs.

We ended up selecting #ApacheKafka as our preferred choice for our own #CloudControl #WarehouseControlSystem and as a solution we offer to our customers.

Part of this journey also includes having had two of our senior consultants, Thomas Reinhold Jensen and Poul K., participate in #kafkaSummit and complete training in the more technical aspects of utilizing the capabilities which Kafka offers to developers as well as realtime #datastreaming, and event notifications bringing #DataInMotion.

#ApacheKafka has definitely met and exceeded our expectations, even though it’s not all trivial, breaking down information silos and suddenly have controlled easy access to data across the organization.

Intelligent Systems AS

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