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Industry & automotive

Intelligent Systems delivers high level control systems for supply chain and production  optimisation in industry production. Where storage, processes, transportation, machinery and production robots are tied closely. Intelligent Systems deliver solutions based on its  Intelligent Warehouse WMS/WCS application framework.

In production it is vital that the supply chain is closely integrated in the production process. Local storages and buffers of tools, raw materials and spare parts ensure optimal production. Intelligent Systems’ software controls automated mechanics, robotics and manual interaction with seamless integration to the company ERP system. This links the warehouse, storage and production and ensures the right part is at the right place at the right time and that the production runs seamlessly.

Intelligent Systems – an experienced Industry 4.0 supplier

The term “Industry 4.0” originally came from Germany, covering the government’s strategy for intelligent computer-driven production. Industry 4.0 covers, among other things, the use of so-called cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things and cloud computing.

Industry 4.0 consists of horizontal and vertical system integration in automated factories, warehouse and distribution centers. We work with simulation as well as autonomous robots in the form of AGVs and palletizing robots. We focus on traceability and, in particular, security and surveillance.

In Intelligent Systems, we have taken the gap with Industry 4.0 for the longest and we will continue to strive to be in the front both in terms of the systems and technologies we work with, and we experience a focus on Industry 4.0, supporting our own business development.

For a number of years we have been working on the integration of ERP and automated installations, where intelligent management, and the rules for how the tasks are managed and executed, lies in the logic Intelligent Systems builds into the software.

We have developed our own Intelligent Warehouse Management System / Warehouse Control System, which manages production processes in automated plants in as diverse industries as slaughterhouses and components for the automotive industry. The system is based on many years of experience in integrating single machines into intelligent systems, where business logic can be quickly implemented by the customer, simplifying their processes and increasing their productivity.

Automotive spare parts

We have delivered the high level software to control the casting process and mould storage for one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of aluminum spare parts for the automotive industry. It is vital that the production runs smoothly and the right mould is ready for the cast at the right time and that the mould is discharged when it does not fulfill the strict demands to cast quality.

Intelligent Systems AS

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