Intelligent Monitoring

Intelligent Monitoring is a fully automated monitoring service that monitors system behavior in controlling IT systems behavior. Intelligent Monitoring is a solution that collects and stores data about system behavior when Intelligent Monitoring detects deviations from normal behavior, it reports this to relevant parties  so preventive actions can be initiated on a timely basis .

In large, fully automated systems, that are mission critical and in high performance systems, it is difficult to predict problems that will arise on the basis of not visible changes.

Intelligent Monitoring

  • Creates an overview of important numbers and kpi in relation to the behavior of the system and its development over time
  • Monitors the system 24 hours a day without human interference, which means that notification will be given if system behavior changes
  • Notify changes, but let the decision on what to do be up to the recipient and any collaborators
  • Provide the opportunity to observe changes in system behavior over a long period of time and, therefore, take care of any problems before they become acute – and ultimately avoid system crashes
  • In the long run, predicting issues before signs of “abnormal behavior”
Intelligent Systems AS

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