SKARE Group produces 60,000 tons of beef and veal of exquisite quality annually. With its own departments in several European countries, the SKARE Group is able to handle ever-increasing demand – while meeting specific customer demands quick and accurate.

Skare Meat Packers in Vejen will receive a new automated warehouse and palletization system provided by Sealing Systems, to which Intelligent Systems has delivered the Warehouse Management System/Warehouse Control System (WMS) to control the entire plant. The plant handles a wide range of beef products, where WMS/WCS represents the intelligence that ensures the logistics operations can run as planned and provide higher efficiency.

The new warehouse and palletization system improves efficiency and provides a detailed overview of the inventory and ease the employees´tasks. The new transport system automates many of the internal transports to the warehouse and to the loading ramp, so orders can be shipped faster and with fewer manual transactions. Likewise, the system will minimize walking distances, facilitate pick procedures and document order dispatch.

The new facility in Vejen means that employees are released for other tasks while three robots takes over the task of palletizing minced meat, which represents a major part of production and significantly increases productivity.

Intelligent Systems AS

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