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High-level integration and control to create a truly Intelligent Warehouse

Smart Warehouses and Smart Factories are the dream of the future, but they are also becoming reality with ever-increasing speed.

The benefits are obvious. For both industrial companies and businesses in need of strong, agile intralogistic systems, going fully digital is a critical commercial parameter and will continue to be so.

So what do I need to integrate everything into a comprehensive, intelligent warehouse system?

You need a solution that allows you to seamlessly integrate your IT systems:

  • ERP, CRM, webshop
  • Operational Technology (Robotics, SCADA, machines, etc.)
  • Intralogistics setup (Warehouses, goods transport, etc).

This is what we deliver with our
Intelligent Warehouse solution

In the classic automation pyramid, production and warehouse systems act as the layer between the
enterprise networks (such as the ERP system) and the production with its individual robots and

Our philosophy is to integrate everything, taking into account the actual physical layout of your production or warehouse facility, technical debt in both IT and Operational Technology (OT) etc, using our Intelligent Warehouse solution.

This high-level control and integration approach ensures that your mission-critical operations run at maximum efficiency while being fully prepared for future changes in demand.

By taking a holistic view of your entire production or warehouse setup, we can deliver a fully integrated solution on a proven platform that is:


  • Reliable and efficient
  • Mobile and connected
  • Adaptable and modular
  • Simple and intuitive to use

Get to know more about our solutions for making your Smart Factory and Smart Warehouse

What is WMS –
Warehouse management system?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software application that helps manage and control the daily operations of a warehouse.

What is WCS –
Warehouse control system?

A Warehouse Control System (WCS) is a vital solution for businesses that want to optimize their warehouse or distribution center operations.

What is MES –
Manufacturing Execution system?

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are essential for businesses that want to track, monitor, and document their entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

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