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In the near future the intelligent sample monitoring and sortation solution will be found at Aalborg University Hospital. It is a fully automated solution that monitors, handles and sorts blood samples and other biochemical samples, and will be part of Clinical Biochemistry Department at Aalborg University Hospital. The all in one cohesive modular solution adresses the need and challenges of a laboratory all the way through the value chain – from the sample is taken at the general practitioner until the sample is ready for analysis at the biochemical laboratory. The solution is collaboration between Aalborg University Hospital, Intelligent Systems, LT Automation and Farusa emballage.

The solution is unique and provides traceability, temperature monitoring and fully automated handling of blood samples by robots. The intelligent sample monitoring and sortation solution is based on the development project “The Intelligent Transport Box (DIF)” developed in collaboration between Aalborg University Hospital, Idéklinikken, OUH Odense University Hospital – Svendborg Hospital, Univesity of Southern Denmark, Intelligent Systems, LT Automation, Farusa Emballage and the development project was funded by Markedsmodningsfonden.

The solution provides:
– Intelligent traceability throughtout the flow
– Monitoring of temperature and data through the intelligent transport box
– Automation of reception, unpacking and sortation of blood samples
– Better working environment through automation of unilaterally repeated work.
– Greater efficiency and faster process
– High quality and better diagnosis through traceability, tracking and monitoring.



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