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Soon goods, instruments, equipment will come out of the wall at the hospitals!

The revolutionary concept Intelligent Hospital Logistics has been on the drawing board at Intelligent Systems and a number of partners for almost two years and in June the official kick-off of the project took place at the University of Southern Denmark, where all interested parties could learn more about the background of the project and at the same time meet the partners involved.

At the meeting the participants had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the future of welfare solutions for hospitals and hear more about the vision behind the concept of Intelligent Hospital Logistics.

Intelligent Hospital Logistics briefly

Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL) is one of the most promising and pioneering projects in hospital logistics for many years with a budget of over 24 million. kr.

IHL is already recommended by the Danish Regions in one of the 10 pointers for future hospital construction projects and the project has received yet another huge thumbs up from The Market Development Fund and the head committee for the Partnership for Health and Medical Innovation, who find the project exciting and promising. This has resulted in a historically high commitment of over 12 million dollars for the project because it holds great potential for welfare benefits in terms of efficiency and improvement of hospital logistics.

Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL) combines existing technologies and creates a new fully automated integrated internal transport and storage system – a fully automated infrastructure which is built into the hospital’s walls and ceilings. The concept will make product supply and access to instruments and equipment as easy as sending and receive a pneumatic post.

Everyday life easier for the hospital staff on tomorrow’s hospitals

On future hospitals the solution will address about 80% of the internal logistics tasks which provides more health for the money.

The short development time line and close dialogue with the hospitals in Denmark will ensure that the other upcoming hospitals get the opportunity to incorporate the concept into their construction plans. But the solution can also be established in existing buildings through remodeling, expansion or through the installation of exterior supply corridors and shafts.

Intelligent hospital logistics concept has a huge potential not only to improve and streamline the logistics in Danish hospitals, but also foreign hospitals are potential customers.

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