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Intelligent Systems A/S is used as a case study in the report: Growth Denmark 2025 – From startup to scaleup-nation compiled by Monday Morning (Mandag Morgen). Here Intelligent Systems is highlighted for their growth – as one of three in Northern Jutland – and only one from Mariagerfjord.

“Denmark is one of the nations in the world, that create most startups per capita. But we are challenged by the fact that when it comes to getting new businesses to grow and create jobs, we are below the OECD average – and far behind countries like the United States.” Monday Morning (Mandag Morgen) writes. About the report they write: “The report Growth Denmark 2025, prepared by the Monday Morning on behalf of Danish Regions, illustrates how the Danish economy can be switched to a new paradigm where efficient, regional ecosystems create a breeding ground for new high-growth companies, the so-called scale-ups.
Basically, Denmark is well equipped to develop from a startup to a scaleup nation. Growth is lurking in every corner of the country. And the existing regional business structure creates a good foundation to develop the regions’ respective strengths. But there is a need to focus efforts on strengthening ecosystems around high-growth entrepreneurs.”

Read the full report here (in Danish): Rapporten VækstDanmark 2025

The case study on Intelligent Systems can be found on page 30 of the report:

Intelligent Systems AS