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Intelligent Systems brings in a new board chairman and changes the composition of the board.

The software company Intelligent Systems, specialists in software for Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and Smart Warehouses, is changing the composition of its board. Bjarne Flou joins the board and is assigned as working chairman of the board. He replaces former board chairman Carsten Raunsbæk, who left at the beginning of February this year. In the intervening period, co-founder and CXO Frank Sørensen has acted as chairman of the board. Concurrent Jette Ditlev is stepping down from the board.

Bjarne Flou states: “I am incredibly happy to announce that on 18th of March I have joined Intelligent Systems’ board in the role of working chairman of the board. I very much look forward to working closely with the company’s owners, Niki and Frank, the management team, and the rest of the board, with the intention to continue the development of this fascinating company.”

The development in the company requires a chairman of the board who commits a greater time effort. The now former chairman Carsten Raunsbæk is a member of a number of boards, so it is not an option for him and therefore he has chosen to leave the board at Intelligent Systems.

Over the last few years, Intelligent Systems has developed considerably. Concurrently there has also been a development in the market and the outside world. The group of owners wants to develop the board so that the composition of the board can better support the company’s development and match where the company is now.

CEO and founder Niki Nicolas Grigoriou says: “On behalf of the company and the owners, I would like to express a big thank you to Jette Ditlev and Carsten Raunsbæk. They have both made a major contribution to the company’s development with their strategic insight, skills and experience”.

Niki Nicolas Grigoriou continues: “We spent some time assessing what we need in our board. When the opportunity to associate Bjarne Flou as working board chairman presented itself, we had to take the plunge.”

Bjarne Flou brings a background as International Product Manager in the healthcare group Roche, and before that as CEO of OBI Medical, Tunstall Healthcare, RTX Healthcare as well as CEO and co-founder of Penell A/S. Furthermore, Bjarne Flou knows Intelligent Systems very well, as he was previously on the board for the company from 2011 to 2020. Bjarne therefore brings extensive experience and expertise to Intelligent Systems.

Intelligent Systems’ board will henceforth consist of: Bjarne Flou (chairman) Mads Prebensen Frank Sørensen (CXO and co-founder) Niki Nicolas Grigoriou (CEO and founder).

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