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Super proud to help Norwegian retailer Spar Kjøp AS to improve the efficiency of their intralogistics with our new intelligent WMS system!

For the past couple of years, we’ve worked hard with Spar Kjøp AS to integrate their ERP system and their freight systems to support all their warehouse operations. It’s been fun and it’s been challenging, but – as Head of Supply Chain Lars Erik Clausen puts it: “Intelligent Systems A/S made the effort to ensure that they understood our needs and business models. They have been transparent. And I think that is worth mentioning. That Intelligent Systems were highly adaptable for our special needs”.

The system improves and streamlines all warehouse processes including receiving, internal inventory management, picking and packing processes, store order management and ecommerce order handling. We’re not done yet – more work needs to be done on the system – but it’s been a terrific project for all involved.

Intelligent Systems AS