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After two years of development the IHL project hit another milestone when the IHL prototype was presented at a workshop at Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark in Odense on March 13, 2015. The workshop focused on intelligent hospital logistics and the challenges that the Danish hospitals face through an innovative-, medical- and hygienic perspective.

The prototype is the IHL projects visual idea for an innovative intelligent transport and logistics system for future hospitals. Over 50 persons with an interest in logistics for Danish hospitals participated in the workshop and got the chance to see and test the prototype and to get a taste of how the future hospital staff can order, pick up and send all kinds of goods, equipment, medicine and waste via “the magic closet” built into the wall.

In addition to the presentation of the prototype, the workshop program had a series of oral presentations on hospital challenges in the logistics field seen from a medical, a hygienic and an innovative perspective – and how IHL can help solve these issues.

Dr. med. and deputy director of Hvidovre and Amager Hospital, Torben Steen Mogensen, focused his presentation on the challenges for hospitals regarding new and better logistics and how efficient automated logistics could help to faster treatment of patients. He says: “I think that IHL can help to deliver more precise logistics, so doctors and nurses can be supplied with what they need. I strongly believe in automated systems. It is the future of the hospital system, ”

Niki Nicolas Grigoriou, CEO/Software Architect at Intelligent Systems and IHL Project Manager, is positive: “This day has given me a clear feeling that we are on the right track and that we got a pat on the back by several of the participants at the workshop. Next step is to do more testing with the users at the hospitals before we present the final and modular solution.”

See video from the workshop: (in Danish with English subtitles)

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