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Smart Factory and Smart Warehouse

The future combines IT, automation, robotics and intralogistics

We invite you to take control and create your own solution.

The glue that makes
Smart Factories smart

We drive innovation within our field through continuous development
of our platform to keep our customers at the forefront of technology.

Smarter decisions – better performance – lowers cost

We offer a platform to allow to you take control of your intralogistics, automation, and robotics setup.

Our cloud-based platform will seamlessly integrate your AMR’s, automation, robotics, and IT-systems to work into one coherent, integrated intelligent system. Our solution has been proven in some of the largest automated logistic solutions worldwide and is designed to make smart decisions for you.

Control and integration of robots and IT made easy

The key to exploiting automation’s full potential is making setup and configuration so easy that you can Do-It-Yourself, allowing systems to run with minimal human interaction.

Our platform will let you integrate:

  • Production automation
  • Warehouse automation
  • ERP, WMS and MES systems
  • Manual workstations and equipment


Increase throughput by bridging
the gap between islands of

operational costs

Cut costs, reduce the risk of
human errors and increase

Do-it-yourself setup
and configuration

The Next Platform will facilitate
do-it-yourself setup and

Built on years of experience

Our new control and integration platform with seamless integration possibilities will make Industry 4.0 come true – allowing you to take control yourself and to integrate all your existing systems with an off-the-shelf plug-and-play software platform.

Our platform will lead the way for your digital transformation, enabling new forms of value creation and real-time optimization of logistics.

Intelligent Systems AS