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Seeking the storyteller, who will write ”How Intelligent Systems became the ‘Google for robotics’”

We aim to be “Google for robotics” and are building our product organization of the future. We will not look back and we expect your level of ambitions is as high as ours. This will be the journey of a lifetime and your strong skills within sales and marketing will take part in designing the future of automated logistics and Industry-4.0.

We are looking for:

  • An ambitious and goal-oriented m/f med several years experience within digital and online marketing in B2B.
  • You have passion, character and drive to lead and develop communication and marketing of our future SaaS/PaaS online business.
  • You will be the lead in the development of our business and organization and drive our communication within a new field.
  • You have great interaction skills and are excellent at customer engagement, acquisition and retention.
  • Experience with SaaS, Internet of Things (IoT) or IIoT is a plus.
  • Fluency in English is a must. Candidates who also are proficient in Danish are preferred.

What you can expect:
We are creating a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to control and integrate robots and automation through the Internet. It will work as one connected and integrated intelligent system that can function with minimal human interaction. It is our ambition to fulfill the unfulfilled promise of Industry-4.0 and make control and integration easy as in Do-It-Yourself.

Your competencies in business and organizational development will create the framework for our success. This will not be an easy job, but we promise you a mission without precedent;

  • Leading role in the product- and service development, sales and marketing of a new B2B platform SaaS-product.
  • Spearhead our efforts to develop and implement a new innovative business model for our SaaS-based business and help develop and define our product go-to-market strategy.
  • Define our product communication and marketing strategy and develop the brand and story of our cloud-based platform.
  • Establish initial customer base, create a strong business foundation and continuously build customer relations and engagement.
  • Create buzz and help build a community for customers, users and partners that includes an open-source edition.

Besides our high ambitions we believe in responsibility and courage to make things happen. We expect you to make a significant contribution to match our level of ambition, but whether it is in the office or from home is not important. Besides the opportunity to work from home we also offer health insurance and pensions. 

About Intelligent Systems
Intelligent Systems are experts in software development for automated logistics solutions, e.g. for baggage handling in airports, fully automated warehouse and distribution centers, and automated logistics for hospitals. We have created the software that integrates and controls some of the worlds largest robotic systems. We are placed in Hadsund and count more than 30 employees.

Rapidly establish us as the leading supplier of online intelligent high-level controls, integration and traceability services for robotics and automated logistics systems – and thereby fulfilling the unfulfilled promise of Industry-4.0 and IIoT; enabling easy and cost-effective, flexible, intelligent, integrated, automated production.


Act now!
If you are ready for the journey of a lifetime, then do not hesitate to contact us. Any questions regarding the position can be directed at or +457020 2275. Send us a resume and tell us why you are the perfect match.


Intelligent Systems AS