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Smart Production
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Manufacturing and Production

Smart Production is the future – we deliver the knowhow, experience, and the software to turn the future into reality

Digital transformation in manufacturing and production

The road towards true Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories is long and bumpy. It begins with a digital transformation project, but all too often companies focus on business systems such as their ERP or other administrative software assets. This leaves the Operational Technology (OT) behind, underinvested, outdated, possibly even posing a security risk. In fact, technological debt is one of the main reasons why digital transformation projects fail. 

Fortunately, many businesses are beginning to understand the importance of upgrading Operational Technology in the production or warehouse as step one. This is particularly true of startups and newcomers to industrial production – and by focusing on OT first, these companies gain a significant competitive advantage.

The technologies used in OT are often underinvested and furthermore based upon outdated technology that might even pose a security risk. Actually, security compliance in itself is really considered critical since it can in essence close operations down indefinitely.

In addition to this the incumbents are challenged in the marketplace by newcomers that utilize technology to create a competitive advantage.

For an industrial manufacturing company, making a meaningful transition to Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and Smart Warehouses may seem like an enormous task. You need someone at your side that understands the interplay between IT, Operational Technology, and intralogistics. You need someone that can help you scope the road ahead to full digitalization of your production, can take charge in creating the right foundation, get the processes started correctly, and carry your digital transformation all the way to successful implementation. 

We know one thing: Industry is changing, and the pace of change is not going to slow down.

We are here to help you with our experience, passion, and knowledge. Reach out to us and let’s start a meaningful dialogue about your prospects and possibilities.

Change will never slow down again

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The full customer experience includes the backend processes, digitalizing the warehouse and the delivery process in order to really deliver above expectations.


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Claus Hein

Claus Hein

Sales Manager

Intelligent Systems AS