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Addressing consumers need for change with Smart Warehouse

Warehouse and Distribution

Addressing the full value chain to meet the consumers need for change

Consumers are very much driven by a large need for change and innovation

When companies consider to Digitally Transform they often start with Business Systems or administrative business processes in chase of improving their business model.

Much fewer have focused on their Operational Technology (OT) in the production or warehouse.

We are experiencing a significant shift in this tendency resulting in large projects being initiated with the purpose of reducing both cost and the risk of having a large technical debt in the productive environment.

Not all changes are directly visible, but can change the perception of your service

Considering the full customer experience also includes the backend processes, digitalizing the warehouse and the delivery process in order to really deliver above expectations.

Keeping the customer well informed and engaged in all of the processes is a differentiator making the customer experience outstanding.

Industry 4.0 is where we integrate and combine our insight into automation, robotics and automated logistics.

Standardization via cloud based solutions is very popular due to obvious business value, but the solutions must often be accompanied by a need to create the real competitiveness somewhere else.

The integration of the solutions into a well-functioning digital platform require some degree of customization and will by most companies be considered the actual competitive differentiator.

Supporting an efficient and strong supply chain

With high demands from one of France’s leading supermarket chains, Intelligent Systems has developed a high-level control system and advanced statistical modules as a subcontractor to BEUMER GROUP.

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and Production

Utilizing technology enables businesses to improve and furthermore solve problems that seemed unsolvable like lack of skilled workforce.


Airports are facing a unique opportunity to reduce manual processes, and must focus on adaptability and efficiency to prepare for shifts in travel habits.

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Kristian Bach Gundersen

Kristian Bach Gundersen

Account Manager

Intelligent Systems AS