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Our participation has contributed to refine our business-model and strengthen our go-to-market strategy. All of which enable us to provide the optimal value-proposition and service level for our customers.

All workshops were participated by Kristian Bach Gundersen, Kasper Hurwitz and our CEO Niki Nicolas Grigoriou from Intelligent Systems, who together with the 7 other participating companies, have been provided strategic direction and hands-on tools to define our strategic position. Through the five different  workshops they have been challenged to think differently and get a new perspective on how we are to become “Google for robotics”.

Our participation also gave us the opportunity of networking and sparring with 7 other passionate and fast growing companies – a huge thanks to:

Intelligent Systems
Drone Systems ApS
Spin Robotics
Aim Robotics 🦾
Robotto Co
CesTek automation
Odense Robotics



Intelligent Systems AS