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The development project The Intelligent Transport Box has resultet in a complete solution for automated handling of blood samples. The main gains are a more efficient handling and transport of blood samples, better diagnosing quality, better patient safety and a better working environment. November 27 we invite you to a conference on The Intelligent Transport Box where the results are presented.

During the past 2 years Intelligent Systems and Aalborg University Hospital has been at the head of the innovation projekt The Intelligent Transport Box that has been realized in cooperation with Odense University Hospital, LT Automation A/S, Farusa Emballage A/S, RoboCluster and Syddansk University.

The project has led to the development of at complete solution concept for intelligent logistics from ordering tests and taking samples to testing and analysis in the biochemical laboratories at the hospital. The solution improves the quality of the test results, time spent on diagnosing and patient safety, as well as it gives a better use of laboratory technicians and gives an increased capacity and economy.

In October 2014 a prototype consisting of both the transport box and the robot solution is exhibited in the main hall at Aalborg University Hospital.

Traceability and monitoring

Intelligent Systems has contributed to the project with tracebility technology and systems for monitoring and automation. The gains of traceability, monitoring and automation are for the benefit of patients, employees as well as the hospitals economy:

The traceability of the test from sampling to analysis in the laboratry, monitoring of temperature during transport and robot automation on the biochemical laboratry increase the quality of test results, reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and ensures a short processing time.

An efficient laboratry optimizes the process from the patients blood sample has been taken to the result from the analysis is ready. At the same time the efficiency among the personnel is increased, and the working environment is improved, as the manual tasks is automated, and the laboratry staff can focus on analysis and test results instead of logistics and unpacking transport boxes.

Read more about The Intelligent Transport Box here.

Conference – results and perspectives

At the conference November 27 2014 we focus on the conducted innovation process and the development cooperation and pick up on the experiences from the companies and hospitals involved. The companies will present elements of the solution, and in addition there will be speeches with interesting angels and perspectives on user driven innovation in the health care system and the market perspectives for this innovation. The speeches will be held by Chairman of the Region Council in Region Nordjylland, Ulla Astman, Innovation Manager in Region Nordjylland, Kjeld Lisby, and Associate Professor at Syddansk University, René Goduscheit.

See the conference program and sign up here.

The conference takes place November 27 2014, 10.00am – 2.30pm at Aalborg University Hospital, Mølleparkvej 4, 9000 Aalborg. Participation is free, however, there is a no-show fee on 500,- DKK.

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