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Intelligent Sample Monitoring & Sortation Solution

The intelligent sample monitoring & sortation solution offers continuous traceability and monitoring of sample conditions of the individual test sample combined with an automatic sorting of samples. The all in one cohesive modular solution addresses the need and challenges of a laboratory all the way through the value chain – from the sample is taken at the general practitioner until the sample is ready for analysis at the biochemical laboratory.

The solution is unique and the only solution available on the market that contains traceability and temperature monitoring, thus increasing patient safety and ensuring compliance with ISO 15189. There are no other solutions available on the market that combine traceability and automation in the same solution.

The solution provides better sample quality, reduced manual labour and faster test results and notification if an error in sample occurs.

  1. Intelligent management and integration of solution, so it uses collected traceability data and makes them useful in further processing.
  2. Traceability of boxes throughout the flow from practice to hospital laboratory.
  3. Intelligent monitoring of temperature in transport boxes.

information on Intelligent Sample Monitoring & Sortation : ONLINE brochure DIF_1.2_en.pdf

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