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Control, traceability and visibility is needed for happy travellers


Airports must focus on adaptability and
efficiency to prepare for shifts in travel habits

Travel habits are changing, and airport logistics systems need to change with them.

Airports reflect all the major trends in the world – from Covid lockdown to a new reality with ever-increasing passenger autonomy, the technology behind the scenes needs to adapt all the time.

Adaptability and efficiency in passenger and luggage handling requires software, logistics, and hardware that can cope with a fast-changing environment. Airports across the world realize the importance of having logistics systems that can adapt quickly and deliver the superb customer experience we all expect when travelling.

Self-service and smooth logistics are the future of air travel

Customers are used to handling everything themselves – from ticket booking to baggage drop-off and retrieval, and they expect baggage to arrive at the same destination as themselves, at the right time.

This trend towards increased self-service gives great business opportunities and efficiency benefits to airports – as many processes are becoming touch-less, airports can reduce the level of manual labor needed and can cut costs accordingly while improving the overall customer

We deliver sophisticated software solutions that integrate logistics, software, business systems, and hardware.

In order for each bag to safely be delivered to the right destination, a high level of visibility, control and traceability is needed. This includes planning, management as well as statistical analysis of the baggage flow and constantly monitoring of the Key Performance Indicators. It also requires advanced simulation, training, and optimization tools to deliver continuous improvement in
productivity and process efficiency.

We devise the systems that track, monitor, and control baggage all the way from check-in to retrieval at the destination. At the heart of systems like these are advanced software solutions developed by us. The result: Faster, smoother operations, and happy travellers.

We create intelligent logistics systems that deliver the best customer experience.


Here as a subcontractor to BEUMER GROUP.



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Claus Hein

Claus Hein

Sales Manager

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