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We are still growing fast and now we can welcome Peter Poulsen and Jais Christiansen.

Peter is our newest member of Intelligent Systems team of Project Managers. Peter has a background as Civil engineer with a master in Health Science and Technology. Peter is an experienced project manager with great technical knowledge from his background as an IT developer, but always keeps the customers/business’ needs in focus to ensure efficient completion of the projects within budget and deadline. Peter believes that a close and honest corporation with customers and an agile mindset is key values to successful projects.
Peter has previously work with projects for the Danish Health Sector, e.g. decision support systems, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and furthermore systems within the transportation and logistical sector.

Jais is a new member in Intelligent System’s group of consultants. Jais is a newly educated computer scientist, with a specialization in programming technology. Furthermore, he has a flair for algorithms, functional math, object-oriented programming and documentation. Jais likes things in a tight and structural manner, which leads to a trustworthy performance and steady curve through projects. He believes success comes from teamwork and honesty, with a space for humor and character building.
Jais is so far unexperienced in a working environment, but very persistent in learning, which is shown in his wide variety of interests.

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